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MR Lamps - PAR Lamps - Double Ended Quartz - JD or JC Lamps - Single Ended Halogen

Halogen lamps offer a combination of benefits that make them suitable for multiple lighting applications. They deliver a crisp white light, high light output, longer life, and 100 CRI light far superior to incandescent lamps.  Halogen lamps are perfect for general lighting, accent and display lighting and may be dimmed using a conventional incandescent dimmer. offers a wide variety of Halogen Lamps including MR-16’s, PAR Lamps, and Double Ended lamps at the lowest prices on the web.

Halogen MR16
Halogen MR Lamps
Halogen PAR Lamps
Halogen PAR
Single Ended Quartz
Single Ended Quartz
 Halogen Double Ended Quartz
Double Ended Quartz
Halogen JD or JC
Halogen JD or JC