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PAR Lamps

PAR20 - PAR30 - PAR30 Longneck - PAR36 - PAR38 offers a wide variety of high quality Halogen PAR 20, PAR 30, PAR 30 Long Neck, PAR 36, and PAR 38 lamps at extremely competitive prices.  These lamps are ideal for accent and display lighting and can save up to 60% in energy costs as a direct replacement for higher wattage incandescent reflector lamps.  In addition to energy efficiency, Halogen PAR lamps are a whiter and brighter alternative to incandescent with excellent color rendering properties.  Our selection of Halogen PAR Lamps are available in beam patterns including spots, floods, narrow floods, and wide floods.

par 20
par 30
par 30 Longneck
PAR30 Longneck
par 36
par 38